In 2015 Lidia Bonilla and Polly Rodriguez met in a hotel bar in Flatiron to commiserate over being female entrepreneurs in the sex tech industry.

They were in an industry dominated by men and they couldn't open bank accounts, take out Facebook or Instagram ads, use payment processors or get investors to take them seriously. 

Instead of giving up, they decided to create a community with other female founders who were facing similar challenges. What started as a small group quickly grew into a movement.


Today, The Women of Sex Tech represent artists, creators, entrepreneurs, journalists, educators, innovators, and engineers in over six cities globally. Collectively, they generate millions in revenue and have secured funding from some of the top tier venture capital funds in the world.

Their mission is to change the way the world views human sexuality and to create a community that fosters femme identifying entrepreneurship.

The Women of Sex Tech is much more than a small group of female founders, it's a movement, and we hope you'll be a part of it. Follow us on Instagram, attend an event, watch a TedTalk by one of our members -- join us!