Al Falk


Al Falk is an application developer, model, and a cybersecurity masters candidate. She spends her days writing code and evenings studying infosec and creating content for her platform. Her goal is to smash the stereotypes of programmers and software engineers in the tech industry by showing that women are allowed to feel sexy and shouldn’t have to dilute themselves in order to be accepted. She is obsessed with the intersection of technology and sex and how it allows us to further explore parts of our self we didn’t know existed. Al firmly believes that discovering your erotic power contributes to increased confidence and happiness in other ares of your life - especially the workplace where we spend a majority of our time. She has been featured on WomenInTech, Female Tech Leaders, WiTech, Coding Commanders, TechGirlGo, CodingBlonde, and as a Women In Tech panel speaker at the University of Pittsburgh.