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Alison Tan is a graphic designer with a lifelong interest in sexuality and politics of the body. Together with her partner, award-winning product designer Sotiris Tsouris, they design sex toys that address both the mental and physical aspects of pleasure. Their first toy is Cunni: the first smart, oral sex toy for people with vulvas. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter until November 6, this revolutionary toy has a realistic "tongue tip" and fully customizable motions via the paired app. The app also guides users in exploring their bodies and communicating their preferences. By addressing the main factors responsible for the "oral sex gap", Cunni empowers people to have better cunnilingus and to advocate for their own pleasure. 

Alison is Chinese-American and lived in the U.S., China, and Singapore before starting Cunni in Hong Kong. Proudly promiscuous and naturally curious, she's gained unique insights through exploring sexuality within these different cultures. She believes in inclusive sex-positivity that celebrates people's different identities, experiences and choices. A portion of profits from Cunni will go to funding progressive, accessible sexual education programs in conservative Hong Kong in order to combat the silence around sexual pleasure.