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Amy Buckalter is the CEO and Founder of Pulse®, (, a new revolutionary product with patented technology invented to dramatically improve the delivery of “goops” - lotions, gels, creams, oils, lubricants, and other liquid or fluid consistencies within the health and beauty space. Pulse’s innovation is a marriage between an Apple-like modern design and the functionality of a Nespresso / Nespresso Capsules-like device and consumable model. However, rather than dispensing coffee in a convenient, personalized, and stylish manner, Pulse is engineered to completely modernize and elevate the user experience related to the delivery, and quality, of personal care formulations. The company is first transforming the personal lubricant experience where there has been no dramatic innovation in over 100 years. Pulse and Pulse Pods solve the ever present and highly annoying problems with inconvenient accessibility, messiness, portion control, lack of hygiene, and cold when the feel of warmth would be highly preferable. 

Ms. Buckalter is a recognized business strategist, brand builder, and operational leader with more than 30 years of experience as a senior and C-level executive, and Board Director. Prior to establishing Pulse, Amy founded Pivot Partners, a growth strategy management consultancy to help clients pivot their businesses to a more profitable market position. Ms. Buckalter holds a BA double major in Economics and Sociology from Hamilton College, and has completed Executive Study in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She serves as mentor for the both the MBA program at the University of Washington and 9MileLabs a Seattle start-up incubator, and is a founding member of the Seattle Female Founders Alliance. Ms. Buckalter has participated on four Boards of Directors; two consumer product companies, one that was private equity funded and had a successful exit via acquisition, as well as two non-profit organizations.