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Angela Wells

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Angela Wells is the Founder and CEO of, an online, inclusive, body-safe sex toy retailer that is inspired and back by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM).

Prior to starting Vibrant, she spent 16 years at PPRM serving as the Senior Vice President of Business Development.  Over her tenure, she worked tirelessly so all patients could have affordable and comprehensive health care no matter their situation or financial standings - but her relationship with Planned Parenthood truly began in 1987.   As a patient while walking in for her appointment that day, she realized what it meant to have an organization like Planned Parenthood that provided shame-and-stigma-free care for her, and women like her. From that day forward Angela has actively fought for reproductive rights, sexual freedom, and the right for everyone to have a safe and pleasurable sex life - whether that is with a partner, or with yourself.