Angelina Aleksandrovich

Founder, Raspberry Dream Labs

Angelina is a founder of Raspberry Dream Labs - a start up that creates multi-sensory XR innovations in SexTech. Angelina started her career in fine art, precisely in sculpture and performance art, often using her body as the primary tool for art making exploring subjects of identity, sex, and futurism. Subsequently Angelina pursued a degree in Graphic Design Communication (UAL). During her studies she researched how evolution of technology and human mind is defining future and in conclusion grew a VR headset out of mushroom mycelium. That inspired her to seek a career in XR Tech. Angelina gained experience in creative storytelling through immersive technologies working with many global brands, including Adidas, Nike and Samsung on a number of high-profile productions where she designed interactive technology activations. In 2019 Angelina started Raspberry Dream Labs to combine her technical and production expertise with one of her greatest passions to create innovative multi-sensory products and services in SexTech.

instagram: @rd_labs / @aleks_and_rovich
twitter: @r_d_labs