Candice Smith

Contact: candice@thekinkkit.com

Website: www.theKinkKit.com & www.kinked.blog

Social: Instagram @theKinkKit (same for Pinterest & Twitter), Facebook: www.facebook.com/theKinkKit

Candice is on a mission to change the way we talk about sex, consent, and intimacy - by making the conversation fun and approachable!

Candice came to the field of Sex Ed through women’s studies, where she learned that the only tool we can count on to change society from the inside out is education. After graduating from Harvard University with a major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, she became a 9th Grade English teacher in Phoenix through Teach for America and received her Masters of Education. Two years later, she left the classroom to found and run her own edtech company focusing on delivering virtual, personalized instruction to struggling students using live, remote teachers. 

Candice’s entry into Sex Ed entrepreneurship was partially spurred by current events and society’s increasing willingness to openly discuss sexual assault and antiquated dating norms encouraging silence instead of open communication. Candice had studied relationship power dynamics and the politics of consent, and had found BDSM and the open negotiations of consent, power, and sexual limits particularly fascinating. Through personal experience with these practices, she had discovered a new, liberating intimacy with her partner. They discussed, and both thought these practices had tremendous implications for other couples. 

Together, they decided to launch Two to Tango, a company dedicated to changing the way couples communicate about sex through gamification. Studies on gamification have proven to help even the most recalcitrant students begin to learn in spite of themselves, and through her experiences with her ed tech company, Candice had utilized strategies to help shy, uncommunicative students open up and begin talking. She used these learnings to develop Two to Tango’s first product: a gender-and-sexual-orientation-neutral adult subscription box called The KinkKit. 

The KinkKit aims to change the way couples communicate about mental and physical intimacy using games and experiences. Each of the activities we have designed serves a multifold purpose: not only can couples reuse the toys in a different way each time, but the scenarios gamify communication around intimacy. The curated experiences in our boxes cover ways to safely explore new erotic scenarios, communicate desires and limits, encourage enthusiastic, explicit consent at all times, express mutual respect of desires, limits, and vulnerabilities, and above all, to HAVE FUN with each other!

Candice hopes that her boxes can help to not only create a common sexual language for couples, but also teach any couple how to make their bedroom a safe space where both partners can express mutual respect and love.

Candice has also recently launched “Kink.Ed”, a a sex-positive, gender&sexuality-neutral sex education portal called Kink.Ed (www.kinked.blog), to smash and destigmatize sexual taboos and provide support, resources, and advice on a whole range of topics around sexuality, sexual health, and more. We want to discuss issues that women of all ages deal with, from periods to menopause, pregnancy to STDs, #metoo to coming out, dating apps to beauty standards. She hopes to feature others working in the Sex Ed//Sex Tech space, so that readers can access a database of other products and resources.