Gia Perrotti


Instagram: @strippreneur / @sapphire4k

Strippreneur™️ is a company which offers resources, information and training to strippers who are also entrepreneurs;  specializing in those who are starting and growing businesses while simultaneously maintaining capital through the adult entertainment field.

We work with strippers who wish to become better in their field by helping each Strippreneur to work towards their specific goals... We assist by providing a detailed financial knowledge, and business development resources.

People place strippers in such a finite box, they limit what we can do and what we could possibly think of. I am using Strippreneur to display that we're not all selfish, money or insecure... or whatever the stereotype is. Strippreneur is representation. The word in and of itself makes a bold statement, that one can be both intelligent and naked, or business savvy and sexy.

Strippers have a great introduction to business, they bet on themselves each time they work. With proper guidance I believe Strippreneur can see millionaire and possibly billionaire strippers. I have collected a vast knowledge and experience working in one of the most infamous clubs in the United States, King of Diamonds was the Studio 54 of the adult entertainment world. With this experience, business acumen and my creative / artist background I am aiming to influence the stripping culture on a global scale.