Julieta Chiaramonte

Instagram: @julietachiara

Affiliate: Medamour 

Growing up in conservative Salt Lake City, I was heavily scrutinized and labeled as an outlier when talking openly and encouragingly about sex, and female pleasure. Discovering my sexuality opened my eyes to see that female sexuality isn’t the problem, the problem is the social structures surrounding it. With the turmoil of this conservatism, I faced 100’s of women who were terrified of their natural sexuality, and what it meant to have pleasure and healthy relationships. 

Being one of the youngest sex bloggers in the community, my goal is to normalize female sexuality in all its forms: pleasure, toys, spirituality, kink, ect. I use my platform to show that there are endless ways to express your sexuality and take care of your sexual health with confidence and pride. Through using my personal experiences, and having far too much transparency about my intimacy, I have made insightful impact on my community by helping others explore who they are within a safe and positive environment.  For far too long the world has overlooked female sexuality- I, with a band of influential and confident women, will reclaim that power through our work, words, and actions. 

I am currently a Psychology student at University of Utah, aiming to be a sex therapist and educator. I am also an affiliate for MedAmour, promoting solutions for intimate health and wellness through blogging, reviews, and community engagement.