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Kate Moyle

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Kate Moyle is an Accredited Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist in Central London. She specialises in working with those that are struggling with difficulties with their sex lives and sexuality, including many in their twenties and thirties who are impacted by the stresses of modern life. Ultimately her aim is to help people get to a place of sexual health, happiness and wellbeing. Alongside her work as a therapist she is also Co-Founded and is Partner & In-House Expert at Pillow App for Couples (www.pillow.io) which helps busy couples to fit intimacy into their lives in a convenient and connecting way, by providing audio-guided intimacy episodes that focus on sensual touch, communication, eye-contact and other basic forms of intimacy. Kate is passionate about having open, honest and realistic conversations about sex; that help people to feel educated and aware in order that they can make the informed decisions that are best for them and feel comfortable in their sexuality.