Laureen Hervé Dupenher

Instagram: @laureenHD 

YouTube: Laureen HD 


Laureen HD is a YouTube content creator who takes the shame out of the loaded, misrepresented and taboo subject of living with an STI. After contracting herpes herself, Laureen realized that the majority of online resources available to process a diagnosis were either too medical, too dramatic, too dismissive and most importantly, not relatable.

With funny and down to earth videos, Laureen uses her own experiences to tackle typical questions herpes positives battle with such as ‘How to tell someone I like that you have herpes?’, ‘Can dating apps be an option to meet partners?’ or ‘How to get back on my feet if I get rejected for having herpes?’. She also interviews other people who have had challenging sexual health experiences, and invites them to share their story with viewers.

She and her work has been featured in a few publications including Vice, Glamour and Cosmopolitan.