Leah Roh

Website: leahroh.com

Instagram: @vin.easel

Email: hello@motherlodelab.com

Leah Roh is a New York-based 3D/VR artist who visually examines our sociological relationship with technology. As a strong advocate for gender equality and sex positivity, she stresses her individual experiences as a woman of color in a patriarchal industry through her work, experimenting with various mediums of storytelling to explore the human condition.

Carol Civre, Isa Ghaffari and Leah Roh are the co-founders of Motherlode, a female-run digital art lab emphasizing inclusivity and aesthetics through interactive design. Motherlode is currently developing Pillow Talk — an immersive, computer-generated virtual reality experience exploring topics that are systematically excluded from traditional sex education curriculum. Conventional sex education underrepresents the spectrum of sexuality and what is lacking often leads to misinformation from alternative sources. The topics that Pillow Talk will cover are the spectrum of sexuality and its complex relationship to identity, communication and consent in and out of the bedroom, and self-discovery through sex toys and masturbation.