Lydia Bowers

Lydia M. Bowers provides sexuality education and coaching that helps individuals understand sexual development from birth to adulthood & empowers them to reclaim pleasure. Lydia spent over 15 years as an Early Childhood Educator, before expanding into the sexuality field. Lydia’s personal experience with painful pelvic and sexual conditions has fueled her passion to advocate for better knowledge and care, as well as reframe how we talk about sex and pleasure. In addition to freelance teaching, consulting, and coaching, Lydia is an O.School Pleasure Professional, an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association and the Preconception Health + Healthcare Initiative, and serves on an advisory council to the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lydia is dedicated to helping families and educators understand and appropriately support sexual development in children, as well as working with those affected by trauma, religious shame, or painful experiences to reclaim pleasure for their bodies.