Lynda Nguyen

A Social Impact and Leadership Coach, Lynda guides entrepreneurs, executives, and teams towards a balanced, effective, and connected approach to leadership She uses technology, beliefs, and mindset training, as well as her extensive training in Kundalini, Tantra and Goddess studies, to help create more whole and activated individuals. She believes in giving power back to her clients, by offering practices, both modern and ancient, to create measurable change. She is the Founder of, educating users on the ongoing need for authentic human connection and friendship; delivering real-time conversations and blogs, on the latest personal stories and research backed advances that support connection. Currently, developing a startup in Silicon Valley,, in support of social change, activism, and the connections to support these change-makers - Lynda is passionately committed to collaboration and community. The Founder of the nonprofit, the work of ending sexual violence, sexual harassment, by delivering Comprehensive SexEd and Wellness Training to students, teachers, parents, and leaders, is a personal cause that Lynda is determined to support. Via a holistic, whole system healing and feminine approach, The Magic of Psalm, will be a part of the solution that creates positive shifts in the world. Lynda's mission is to continually create the communities and platforms needed to help individuals, specifically, women and young girls, find their voice and their power.