María Fernanda Peraza Godoy





Urologist, Andrologist and Sexual Medicine expert, CEO and Co- Founder of GetMine Healthy Pleasure created to innovate, disrupt  every area of women sexual experience and frame it into Health. Being the bridge between health and Sextech  with the aim to connect women with their own sexuality to change the speech about female sexuality building the core to empower women through their behave around sex and of course this mean changing the social rules and  how we connect with humanity. GetMine not only produce SexHealthTech devices and change the speech about female sexuality, is a Sex Positive movement with a huge human impact.

Thanks to her medical speciality She has been training among men, studying and treating them, made realize her that women in many aspects should take responsibility for certain social changes. Her expertise made turn sexuality her passion, because It is the way human beings connect and engage with the world around . The role of women has been socially silenced in many aspects and even in these times, where many women are in charge of their sexual life, they have more financial power and higher expectations related to the power generated by having general and emotional well-being. Sex It is still not socially accepted at all. So, She decided to do something  and now She is part of the change.