Private Packs - 2018 Intern Program

About Private Packs

Based in NYC, Private Packs is a lifestyle brand that combines sophistication and practicality in its products. Our goal is to elevate the care of intimate area discomfort and revolutionize the healing experience.

Our products provide hot and cold temperature therapy for treating intimate area pain resulting from childbirth, cosmetic procedures, or sports-related injury, to name a few. Our collection delivers discreet, luxurious comfort. Many people experience genital pain at some point and up until now have suffered in silence, or resorted to bulky traditional ice packs or ineffective D.I.Y. pain relief recipes.

Genital health and sexual wellness are rarely discussed, and our mission at Private Packs is to provide an empowering, high-quality product that can be used to help aid the healing process while remaining discreet and comfortable.


  • Comfortable talking about genital health and wellness, both in a medical and social sense. We need a person who can speak openly and frankly discuss sensitive topics such as women’s and non-gendered health issues, genitalia and sexual wellness.
  • Views this role as a foundational step for a great career in entrepreneurship and interpreneurship.
  • Not afraid to admit what you don’t know. Be inquisitive.
  • Clearly communicates progress towards deadlines.
  • Works well with dynamic deadlines.
  • Participate in a highly collaborative team.
  • Respectful and thoughtful of others individuality, rights, and opinions.
  • Comfortable working with people of diverse races, ages, ethnicities, and identities.


As an intern at Private Packs, you will work with the company’s Founder and other interns on our upcoming Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launching our inaugural product on October 15, 2018. You will participate in the day-to-day operations, be the project lead and work with other interns.

  • The positions begin September 10th and end on November 30th.
  • You will be expected to work 18-20 hours/week leading up to and after the campaign, and 15-20 hours/week during the campaign that will start on October 15th - November 19th.
  • Occasional evening or weekend hours may be required.
  • Must be available to meet in person at least once a week during the campaign in Manhattan.
  • Every person will view and give feedback on visual and textual assets (photos, videos, etc.)
  • All internships will be in New York City, and remote.
  • All interns much are of legal age.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 required.

At Private Packs, we value our interns and we go the extra mile to make sure you receive a learning experience that fits your career goals. All interns are required to be a student attending an institution with courses leading to a degree, certificate or diploma. During the campaign, we will supply a monthly MetroCard ($121) or that amount in cash, and breakfast or lunch on days we meet in person.

Contact Information

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Start Date: 9/10/2018

Application Deadline: 10/12/2018


The Social Media Campaign internship will be an opportunity to grow our community, create content for our social media channels and promote the campaign with our online community. @privatepacks on all channels.


  1. Work with Founder to develop and implement a social media strategy, posting timeline and KPI’s for social media. i.e.: # of likes/post, # of post/day.
  2. Identify and target FB community groups, influencers (doctors, sex therapists, mommies, beauty) and bloggers to create online relationships.
  3. Create informative content around campaign and product and ensure all posts are search engine optimized (SEO).
  4. Work with Founder and PR intern to brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas to generate organic exposure for the campaign that will result in an increase in followers and campaign contributions.
  5. Create viral loops between our social media, campaign and blog account.
  6. Monitor social media analytics to schedule and publish content for peak post engagement.
  7. Engage with fan/follower promoting the brand.
  8. Escalate campaign customer service queries to Founder.

Social Media Campaign Internship Requirements:

  • Pursuing a degree in relevant studies.
  • No prior work experience is necessary. However, a strong social media footprint and/or influencer experience will be a large plus when considering candidates.
  • An understanding of luxury brands and general cultural awareness.
  • Savvy

Application Requirements:

  • Please write SM Intern and WoST in the email subject header.
  • Please indicate hours of availability, the date you’re available to start and where you saw this posting.
  • Any relevant social media handles you have.
  • Provide an IG, Twitter and FB post writing samples: (1) promoting campaign, (1) genital wellness (1) post of your own to show me your style.
  • Names of (3) people/brands you follow and why
  • Your resume.
  • Instead of a cover letter, please tell us (in 500 words or less) of a time you had a difficult problem at work and what your solution was and one moment you're proud of in your life.


We are looking for an uber-creative graphic designer/illustrator intern to join our campaign team! As our in-house graphic designer/artist, you will work with our Founder and other team members to create unique graphics for our upcoming campaign that clearly communicate our brand and mission promoting genital health and sexual wellness.


  1. Create the required images for the campaign.
  2. Design unique graphics for Facebook Ads, print and digital marketing collateral, illustrations, blogs, social media posts and digital banners.
  3. Creating promotional material (press kit materials, email templates, business presentation deck, newsletter layouts, etc.).
  4. Sometimes identify and create topical design needs on a spur of the moment. Example: Ireland votes resoundingly to repeal a recent ban,#
  5. Photography and photo/video retouching.
  6. Transform facts and figures into infographics and diagrams.

Graphic Designer Internship Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in relevant design course(s)
  • A strong aesthetic and creative mindset
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite [Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign].
  • Experience shooting camera and smartphone photography and excellent photo retouching skills.

Application Requirements:

  • Please write Graphic Design Intern and WoST in the email subject header.
  • Please indicate hours of availability, the date you’re available to start and where you saw this posting.
  • Your social media handles and/or link to your portfolio showing your graphic design work.
  • (3) original samples in digital or sketch form: promoting campaign, banner ad and piece of your own to show me your style.
  • Your resume. No cover letter required.   
  • Please send us (1) piece of your work that your most proud of.


You will gain first-hand knowledge of all aspects of communications and public relations for a female led startup by conducting proactive media relations and research, as well as draft communications materials and track coverage.


  1. Work with Founder and other interns to create an editorial calendar for impactful PR campaign.
  2. Draft media pitches, news articles, blog posts and other communications materials regarding company, founder, campaign launch and milestones.
  3. Create online press kit.
  4. Support Founder with media relations and press outreach.
  5. Work with social media interns to reach influencers & bloggers.
  6. Coordinate with team to create Facebook Ads, online and print ads and blogs.
  7. Track editorial and online coverage throughout the campaign.

Public Relations Internship Requirements:

  • Pursuing a degree in relevant studies
  • Familiar with health and sexual wellness media outlets.
  • An understanding of luxury brands and general cultural awareness

Application Requirements:

  • Please write PR Intern and WoST in the email subject header.
  • Please indicate hours of availability, the date you’re available to start and where you saw this posting.
  • (2) work samples and why your proud of these pieces - any samples you want.
  • Social media handles of (3) influencers and (3) online publications in the sexual health space and tell us why you think they would be great partners for Private Packs.
  • Names of (3) people/brands you follow and why
  • Your resume and cover letter.
  • Once you are selected to interview: Short video taken on your smartphone on why you want this gig. In the video you must say the word cat.


We're looking for a business management intern to be the Founder’s operational right hand during the crowdfunding campaign.


  1. Work with the Founder to create and manage the campaign project plan and budget.
  2. Monitor and record daily campaign contributions, expenses and ensure that everything is accounted for.
  3. Track budget to ensure we met our goal.
  4. Record financial transactions in the budget.
  5. Work with PR intern to communicate with potential investors and business publications.
  6. Update business pitch deck and create sales presentation deck
  7. Work with Founder to draft logistics and tentative production plan.
  8. Work with Founder and legal team to draft manufacturer and shipping contracts and purchase orders.
  9. Create an invoice template for post-campaign product orders.

Business Management Internship Requirements:

  • Experience with Excel, Quickbooks or another accounting database
  • Must be a stickler for accuracy, and knowledgeable about key financial topics.
  • Pursuing a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations Research, Business or related field.
  • Related experience is a plus (includes internships).
  • Leadership experience and campus involvement preferred (sports, clubs, organizations, etc.

Application Requirements:

  • Please write Biz Mgmt Intern and WoST in the email subject header.
  • Please indicate hours of availability, the date you’re available to start and where you saw this posting.
  • Names of (3) people/brands you follow and why
  • Your resume and cover letter.
  • Tell us why you want to work with us.