Sasza Lohrey

Instagram: @shotswithSasz

Website: www.bbxx.world 

Email: sasza@bbxx.world

Medium: https://medium.com/@sasza.lohrey

Founder and CEO of BBXX

BBXX uses both educational and explorational content to teach you the vital life lessons not taught at home nor in school- related to emotional intelligence, relationships, communication, and intimacy. 

Sasza founded BBXX in a Stanford Ignite entrepreneurship program and then continued to grow the company with funding from the largest startup incubator in Latin America, Start-Up Chile. 

The company is currently headquartered and operating in Santiago, Chile and is planning their official launch in the US and English-speaking market later this year. 

Previous to BBXX Sasza earned her degree in psychology and worked at a startup and digital media production company in Los Angeles.