Sigga Dögg

Instagram: sigga_dogg_sexologist
Facebook: sexiniceland
Soundcloud: Sex in Iceland
Website - siggadogg.is

My name is Sigga Dögg and I am an Icelandic sex educator, sexologist and writer. My mission is to change the way we talk about sex by using humor, honesty and mindfulness. I am most known for my genital photographs (shot by me and my partner) that I show in all sex ed classes. I believe that we need to show photographs to promote genital and body diversity, and appreciation. Changing sexual perception and encouraging open and honest communication happens from the bottom up, by inspiring one person. 

I am self-employed and I most of my work involves teaching sex ed in schools, and lecturing about all matters sexual, to all ages and varied professional groups, since 2010. I also, by accident, ventured into stand-up comedy about my own sex life and its misadventures. I published my first book, Talking about sex; a guide for adults on how to talk to kids and teenagers about sex, in 2014 and was very well received and nominated for The Icelandic Female Book Award Of The Year. My second book, published in 2016, is a collection of columns and sexual Q&A I wrote for the biggest newspaper in Iceland, from 2010 to 2015. I am also the president of Kynís, The Icelandic Sexology Association.