Kegelbell Schull Headshot.jpg

Stephanie Schull, PHD

Inventor and CEO of Kegelbell

Stephanie Schull, PhD, aims to change the game for millions of women with radically effective products that are safe, natural and get to the heart of the matter. Her first product, Kegelbell, is the only externally weighted training system to strengthen the hard-to-reach pelvic floor muscle so essential to vibrant health. She designed it to help busy modern women do a super kegel in less time with incredible results.

This former philosophy professor’s mission is to develop products in the blindspots that big business and big medicine have necessarily overlooked given their worldviews. She enjoys the discovery and invention of things that are hidden in these blindspots; she likes to say that she makes things that should have always existed. Stephanie believes very strongly in the need for a product like Kegelbell to destigmatize the space of women's health and give women permission to seek out remedies to the issues that have interrupted their happiness for years.

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