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Susan is a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. She runs a publishing company that teaches advanced orgasm techniques, bedroom communication skills and cutting-edge sexual health strategies for those who want to become a better lover.

Don’t be surprised if when you’re with her, someone randomly walk ups to her and thanks her for being an inspiration in their lives. She oozes generosity and helps people in myriad ways far beyond dispensing passionate lovemaking techniques.

The inimitable Mrs. Bratton swirls up business chops, techie know-how and unabashed sexuality in a gorgeous package of fun and fascination.

Susan has been described as everything from, "The Dear Abby of Sex" to the "Queen of Hearts,” to the, “Marriage Magician.” Probably because she wears outrageous costumes on stage, television and online, all in the name of safe, hot sex. 

That being said she’s also a badass CEO running a multi-national corporation for over a dozen years. Before that she was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who helped invent the Internet.