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Tabitha Rayne



Tabitha invented the award winning Ruby Glow saddle-style vibrator while writing erotic novels.

Ruby Glow is a non-penetrative, hands-free vibrator, ideal for women who are looking for new ways to orgasm or those seeking an alternative to traditional sex toys. It is great for women with reduced mobility, weakness or pain and was deemed ‘revolutionary’ for disabled users by sex expert Tracey Cox. Ruby Glow came 2nd in the Good Housekeeping Vibrator Reviews.

Tabitha is an enthusiast of the erotic and sensual arts and uses her mind body and soul to create work with female sexuality at its heart. From poetry and photography, to drawings and novels, Tabitha loves to express her passion for sensual pleasure. Her blog has been included in several annual lists including Molly Moore’s Top 100 Sex Blogs, Kinkly’s Sex Blog Superheroes and she won ETO Best Erotic Author 2016.

Bringing Ruby Glow to life with Rocks Off has been a dream come true and Tabitha has been moved by hearing from women who find this vibrator works where others haven’t. Especially those who have suffered sexual trauma and perhaps need something completely different to reacquaint themselves with their bodies. She is currently working on a range of accessible sex toys.