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Tatiana Carrera has always been fascinated by how one achieves an orgasm, and she learned early on that women are not as lucky as men in this area. Longing to unlock the mystery and shed a bright light on the joys, pleasures and rewards of performing oral sex on your partner, Tatiana became a student of the sexual Pleasure Journey. Now, after studying everything from biology books to porn, Tatiana wants to share her oral sex expertise in compassionate, understanding, and candid layman’s terms for all to enjoy. Oralicious, her debut book, seeks to change the mindsets that prevent all of us from truly enjoying oral sex. Tatiana currently resides in the Big Apple and sees herself as a pure optimist. Always be hopeful, positive, and accountable for your actions; it does make life less stressful. “Always embrace and be true to thy SELF, and never compromise SELF for the sake of someone who does not value you as a person.”