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Tesla Miller

The Fifth House: www.5th-House.com

Email: info@5th-House.com

Instagram: @thefifthhouse

Twitter: @Tesla_Miller /@_thefifthhouse

LinkedIn: Tesla (Martinez) Miller

Tesla Miller is Founder and CEO of The Fifth House®, an artistic platform that brings together the worlds of sex and fine craft. It takes you behind the scenes to discover the designers' skills and cutting-edge craftsmanship. At The Fifth House you will find craftsmanship ranging from traditional handblown glass to cutting-edge leather ateliers that are of the highest quality, and made by hand.

Prior to starting The Fifth House, Tesla’s 20-year senior global leadership career put her in charge of leading international development and designing global strategy for retail and franchise brands responsible for 3,800 outlets and operating across 63 countries on seven (7) continents with over $1 Billion in global, multichannel branded sales.

Tesla is a well sought after contributing expert, global speaker and columnist in fields of international strategy, innovation, leadership, diversity, community and communications. She is featured and published in trade publications such as CMS Wire Magazine, Financial Times, MSN.com Business, and The New York Post among others. She was awarded “Most Powerful Latinas in the Corporate World,” by the Atlanta Journal.

She is a volunteer and leader for organizations that support development of women, provide skills training, economic development and sustainable practices in developing countries.