Tomomi Shirai

Originally from Japan, I dreamed of studying abroad as an eager student of curiosity -- and finally decided to land in the U.S.A. to pursue my passions. Seeking to write a new chapter in my novel of life, even without a firm grasp on how to communicate effectively in English. (…still a work in progress) As my journey continues, I learned to be flexible in the mind-body dualism and that change is constant -- so go with the flow. I’ve dwelled as a dancing nomad in the Big Apple (aka New York City) in the past, and then ventured from one coast to another, currently inhabiting LALA land (aka Los Angeles, CA.) -- seeking the essence from within.

I have studied dance in the past and has been a writer for several Japanese publications (print & online), published in Japan about social awareness, social issues, women’s empowerment movement (eg: sex & body positive platform), as well as incorporating a healthy progressive lifestyle. Current trends in beauty and health, culinary, pets… + etc,,,  for over a decade -- telling stories and gathering info… addressing the issues beyond the stories -- I’ve come to the point in life where I think…… How can I address the taboo subjects objectively to the readers.

So, I decided to work for a pleasure item manufacturing company for several months and have been learning many of the facets of the business dynamics from the workplace environment in a short period of time – I have also realized the ignorance of society that has manifested a void from within, the lack of education and ignorance that prevails concerning sexuality issues in modern day society, sexual orientations, etc..  There are big issues concerning human evolution in accepting diversity, sexuality, cultural differences that are still a work in progress. 

Also, I have been writing and supporting the first woman to operate a sexual wellness shop “lovepiece club” in Tokyo, Japan -- supporting the women's empowerment movement, LGBT activities, and progressive social issues that we struggle with every day hopefully to find a balance in the future.

Loves to run, dance, practice yoga, listening to P!NK, snuggles with 2 cats♡