Véronique Verreault

Twitter: @MissVVsMystery

Instagram:  @MissVVsMystery


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Véronique Verreault, founder of Miss VV's Mystery, is a modern-day entrepreneur on a mission to enhance the lives of women and couples across the globe. With a strong interest in women’s fulfillment and her background in management, Véronique sought to bring her passion and creativity together in a way that would forever change the way women strengthen their pelvic floor. With fun and without shame, with tech and without danger, and with love and without any need to justify. Just like all the Women in SexTech, Véronique strongly believes that a healthy sex life inspires self-confidence. She puts tremendous emphasis on her message: CONFIDENCE IS SEXY. In a world full of bullshit and fakeness, it’s about time we, Women, empower each other, love ourselves and help us claim our orgasms.