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Contact: cutiepmgmt@gmail.com

Instagram @vonmusic

Soundcloud @von_music

A provocative new artist, Von writes, produces, performs, engineers, and mixes all of her own material. Von’s music places pulsing percussion and sawtooth bass lines under glittery synth riffs and grimes-esq vocal treatments. Hailing from a suburban town of traditional values, being modest, reserved, and prudent were all characteristics she was taught, yet was never willing to adapt. Growing up, there was barely sex-ed, let alone a space for productive conversations about fluidity and expression. Von had always been defined by her sexuality in some way without her consent, and making music was the first time she felt unashamed by it. Von reclaimed it for herself. Sex and tech, womxn in tech, and womxn in music are all merriments that are lacking. Von helps bridge these gaps by using her knowledge of tech, AI and visual arts to create songs that sexually empower womxn, regardless of sexual identity.