Wan Tseng


Website wisp.me.uk

Twitter @wisp_me

Facebook @wispme2016

Wan Tseng is the CEO and founder of Wisp. She is a designer, maker, and researcher. Wisp was born from the curiosity of understanding female sexuality and different sexual experiences shared between people. She wants to reintroduce intimate experiences through research and design. 

For Wan, design is about understanding individual experiences and creating more inclusive spaces for all people. She envisions a future in which sexual education won’t be just a biological topic, but an evolution of the social, emotional, and mental aspects of the human experience. Her educational roots are in industrial design and she has experience in designing commercial electronic products. She has always worked very closely in the intersections of technology and design specialising in user experience. She also works as a graduate tutor for the Royal College of Art & Imperial College London.